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AdvanceXL is a creative company specialised in textile packaging, head-quartered in the heart of the Alps and with in-house manufacturing facilities in ZheJiang China. We bring solutions for two markets:

  • Etuis Des Alpes for OEM and private label textile packaging working with key accounts.
  • ARTech Bags for Fine Art Materials working with professionals, retailers and end users.

With over 20 years of experience within the textile packaging market, we offer a development process which adapts itself to your needs. We assess your needs and look forward to sustainable usage of the products that are developed. We can include the binding of initial purpose and continuous usage. Our designs strive to bring you the most efficient and universal brand recognition. We operate in Europe, North America and Asia. the company develops and produces
Our designs are functional, user-friendly, robust, attractive and have a reputation for being reusable. We are strong supporters of the concept of controlled possession costs.

We work all type of sewing methods to ensure the highest level of finished goods. We have developed special techniques such as leak-tight seams or invisible seams as well as work on tough materials such as leather and plastic sheets.

The range of products we offer are sheaths, purses and fabric pouches, soft or hard cases and sleeves, nets and bags, shopping bags and tote bags, coolers, luggage for the city, for sport, for the country and garment bags.

Etuis des Alpes

The values that define us are innovation, design, choice of materials, colours, accessories and quality of our production allowing to carry, move, protect, package and showcase a product offer or create an accessory for a brand.

ARTech Bags

The essence of ARTech bags' business is the creation, manufacturing and distribution of bags to protect exceptional objects, to store fragile products or to transport art works at all work stages for art students, amateur artists to professional artists. Our offer of art and portfolio bags is adapted to all sizes, big and small, with high quality, durability and protection through 5 ranges.

A Few facts

AdvanceXL has manufactured and delivered over one million products

191 Bespoke products
234 Fine Art Material SKUs
7 Clients in 7 countries
250 Clients

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